Seasonal Accommodation

Our seasonal accommodation

Pierdor specialise in seasonal apartments in Val d'Isere.

We are one of the main suppliers of seasonal accommodation to tour operators, seasonal workers and gap year students. We also work with numerous companies offering ski/boarding courses throughout the winter and accommodate their clients for the season. Our standard seasonal rental dates are from a week before the season begins until a week after the lifts shut but we can always be flexible and if you need to be in Val d'Isere earlier or stay until later we can always accommodate you.

Our flat-share scheme

We appreciate that seasonal accommodation in Val d'Isere is not cheap and recognise that many people arrive for the season alone and look for other people to share with in order to reduce costs, this can often be difficult and daunting. We will take the stress and hard work out of this and match people up with people of a similar age/personality/background and put them in a shared apartment.

Skipierdor's flat mate finder service has always been incredibly popular and we do our utmost to make sure people are happy in their apartments and have a great season.

We ask you to provide us with a bit of basic information about yourself, i.e age, job, interests etc and we will try to match you up with two other people (or more if you want) in the same situation looking for people to share accommodation with for the winter. We tend to get the combination right and people get on really well but if there is ever an issue in an apartment we can always move people around, we also prefer to have all girl or all boy apartments as it tends to work better this way, unless people request otherwise, but we will always put equal numbers of girls and boys together so that one girl isn't stuck with 3 guys or vice versa.

The shared apartments are not particularly big - as with most seasonal accommodation in Val d'Isere - but are fully equipped and fine for 3 or 4 people, most of these apartments are in Hameaux des Verdets or Verdets so right next door to Le Foret Bar (now The Fall Line Bar) and full of seasonaires. Each apartment has a bunk room and pull out beds in the living room, a kitchen, balcony, bathroom, and separate WC. The apartments have a TV, dishwasher, and some also have a washing machine. The apartments are not luxurious but well equipped and clean and pretty good for seasonal accommodation in Val. - we can be totally flexible so let us know what sort of apartment you are looking for. We do have much larger apartments so if you want to share with lots of people or just want to have a bit more space, we can arrange that if we have other people who want to do the same.

Please contact us for more information on our shared accommodation

For parents

Between all of us at Skipierdor we have spent over 40 seasons in the mountains and try to provide more than just accommodation, we are happy to help our tenants find jobs, meet people and generally be available to help whenever it may be needed. We are happy to talk to parents and be on hand throughout the season or act as intermediaries - seasonaires have been known to lose their phones or “forget” to call home, in which case we are happy to be a point of contact.

Seasonal work

We appreciate that it can be difficult to find work in a ski resort, especially when you are applying over the internet and by phone. We do our best to help find jobs for anyone looking to come out to Val d'Isere for the winter, we can put people in touch with the managers/owners of shops, bars, restaurants, clubs etc in Val d'Isere and generally help point people in the right direction.

We also provide accommodation on a weekly basis at the start of the season for people who are looking for work, we charge €100 per week for a bed, which is deducted from the price of seasonal accommodation if people find work and stay for the winter.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you are interested in coming out to look for work.